Saturday, October 29, 2011

Traditional Rummy

The Rummy Card Game which covers the fundamentals and essentials of all the types of Rummy games that are played across various countries around the world is the “Traditional Rummy Card Game” which as well exposes the rules of nearly all the rummy variant games, as this game of Traditional Rummy has been popular since the initiation of “Rummy Card Games”. Despite the fact that all other rummy card games, have overtaken this game of Traditional Rummy in definite aspects, this game nevertheless has been able to maintain its own significance and still occupies an imperative position in the online rummy games and numerous online rummy players take pleasure in playing this version of rummy game compared to other versions.
Initially every player is dealt with 10 cards as their opening hand and like with the other versions of rummy card games, the residual cards are heaped face down on the table as a stock pile and one card is positioned face up to begin the discard pile and during any point in between the game, if the stock pile cards are exhausted, then the discard pile is shuffled and the cards are positioned on the table to outline a new stock pile and once again as in the preliminary deal one card is positioned face up to begin the discard pile.
Whichever player has produced melds, he may as well lay them down on the table face up and players can also append one or more cards from their hand to melds. In Traditional Rummy the players have two ways of winning the game. They are:
Going Out in which a player who is the foremost to get rid of his last card into the discard pile is the winner, after he has completed the runs and sets to burn up the rest of the cards.
Going Rummy which is very similar to Going Out, except at this point the player lays all of his cards into sets or runs, with the last card going into the discard pile and exclusive of until that time having laid down any melds.
The Traditional Rummy Rules of scoring are clear-cut straightforward and uncomplicated. While a player is moved out, the consequence points are pre-arranged to other players of an equivalent assessment, to the remaining cards in the player’s hand.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Rummy Cash Games

The expertise of playing rummy games comes from the amount of practice as the more anyone plays rummy, the more perfect they become as they are a set of skill based card games which also necessitate a high-quality thought process. As this game is very renowned, it would also be very attention-grabbing if it is played with cash.
The rummy games that are played for cash are the most elating form of games as the players get a chance to confront and play in real money terms. The worth printed on each chip corresponds to the real currency worth as such rummy is a group of classic card games which are majorly played across the world with real stake challenge. These rummy games have been around for a century and it is said that rummy is the third most popular game in the world and this popularity is because it provides income along with entertainment (although there is the risk of losing money if the game is not played properly). Though these games diverge in rules from country to country they have become very popular wherever they have been played as in majority people play these games for earning wealth.
The true talent and proficiency of anyone playing rummy comes out when anyone is playing for real stakes and challenging his opponents in requisites of cash as for an excellent cash game player, just playing the game will not be his important criterion but also winning it to earn cash would definitely be his ultimate goal and in that process it would bring out his skill set as anyone puts up a extraordinary effort to win the game when it is played for some fixed monetary value.
Hence, playing Rummy Cash Games would bring out a mutual feeling of and energy and enthusiasm in a person to win the game and cash amount and it would also show up his skill set and thought process that he would bring into the game to formulate and design a strategy to win the game.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Strategy to Play Rummy

Mastering the game of rummy is not easy as it is a game that includes strategic decision making while playing it and to win the game, the player needs to have a widespread and comprehensive account of all the cards that have been discarded and also a sketchy view of the cards which are in relation to be discarded, according to the changing situations in the game. The player should try to deduce and figure out the cards in the opponents hand and in doing so work out the possibilities, as to how to take the next step in deducing the cards. Hence, the key input to any strategy in rummy is to revolve around the cards which are in opponents hand and altering your game by shifting your moves accordingly.
Good memory to be able to keep track of all cards is one factor which plays an important role in being a winning rummy player and to do this you need to have a detailed observation of what cards they are playing and remember the cards in the discard pile, we also have to keep an eye and guess on what type of runs and sets our opponents are trying to build. At the same time, you have to make it difficult for your opponent to determine the cards in your hand and should play your hand in a way that deceives your opponent about what cards you have in your hand.
Generally, the better idea is to discard high-count cards rather than low ones and also take events by not giving your opponents, apt cards that will help them and several players take this opportunity as they are good in comprehending the inclination of discarding high cards and deliberately try to form high melds so they can get rid of many high cards fast.
The basic understanding of the strategic value of different cards in the deck also plays a very important role for strategic decision making as for example middle cards strategically more valuable than low or high cards an A 7 card can be strategically more valuable than an Ace since it can be used in more combinations as an Ace can only make a run with 2 and 3, whereas an A 7 can make a run with 56, 68 or 89.
Therefore, playing rummy games engross a pooled endeavor of significant competence and memory work which is required to play the game efficiently. It’s not just game which is played out of destiny and gambling.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Classical 13-Card Indian Rummy game

The card games which were and which are still being admired around the world are “Rummy card games”, which are played by numerous people across the globe and primarily started in the 20th century emerging from the Mexican game called Conquain.
At the outset, the indispensable idea of identifying and corresponding of the like cards remains to be distinctive, but the rules and regulations fluctuate variously amid a range of different countries in which this game is being played, as in many countries these rummy games were adapted and the rules and regulations were tailored to their expediency, for making the game worthy of note in their respective nations.
Consequently, the traditional rummy card game was diversified amongst a mixture of games with trivial changes between various countries. In Indian also the game has turned out to be very popular and was applauded by majority and it’s famously called as “Classical 13-card Indian Rummy”, which differs from the original rummy in a very slender manner.
It is usually played between 2 to 6 players played with 13cards and at least two decks and sometimes jokers (wild cards).Cards in the suit rank from Ace to Jack, Queen and King. Ace can be used as 1 or the face card as per the requirement while making the sets or sequence. Two sets, one without joker and another with/without joker, of cards 3 or more each, must be made. The remaining cards can be used to make either sets or sequence as per the availability.
The popularity of this game made the game turn out to be available online and is the best and only online website to play the “Classic Online Indian Rummy Game”. Here, the players can simply login and play unlimited free rummy games and also have a chance to earn cash while playing free rummy games. The players can play in regular free rolls for free and win up to Rs. 10,000/-daily and also earn Rs. 500/-for each friend
they refer to Ace2Three. Hence, this is the best free rummy site allowing the players to play for free and also win cash prizes.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Legality of online cash games

The number of players playing online games for cash is been increasing day-by-day and in this scenario one thing that has to be kept in mind with online cash games is their legality and authenticity of the payment terms and conditions..
There are numerous opportunities in the web for people interested to earn money online and in that context playing cash games online is the best option as these games serve as alternative options for any type of games which are played indoor and outdoor and these online cash games are a new dimension of entertainment because these games on one side provide entertainment for the people as they have the flexibility to play these games from anywhere and at anytime and also at the same time they are very attractive because of the offers or the big cash money price which is available for the players.
Rules and regulations in terms of legitimacy are immeasurably beyond technological development in almost all the places around the world. Hence it is very easy to take advantage of the interests of people who are engrossed with the idea of earning money online and betray them. Hence, your interest must not mislead you to get defrauded by someone and therefore, you need to find a place or website which is trustworthy and weather its payment terms and conditions are subjected to legality or not.
Once, this portion is taken care of by the individual lucratively, then earning money online would be the most exhilarating way to earn capital and also it’s very secure as your remunerations are subjected to legitimacy of earning money through playing online games for cash.

Payment Options Online

Payment options are the choices which are available to online browsers for transferring money or making payments online. With the development of IT industry a large number of payment options have come into existence which revolutionized the usage of internet for performing various payment transactions by using these online payment options. Also using these options not only made the transfer of money easy and fast in the domestic market but also in the international market for performing international transactions.

Many banks and other financial institutions are able to carry on their business transactions efficiently, effectively and quickly all over the globe because of these various payment options which are being made available online.

In this perspective the contemplation which had undergone the most important enhancement is the inspiration to earn money online and fascinatingly the notion to play games online and earn cash while playing games online has taken a major boost up as it has become very easy to earn money online by playing games online merely because of these payment options which are available online and also the need and importance of money in the present world circumstances has become unparalleled.

Therefore, this backdrop of earning money online by playing games online and winning cash has become very appealing for the reason that earlier there was a hindrance of winning money or earning money online as payment options available were not there or very few in number and people were not used to technology of transferring money through electronic media.

There are numerous games which are available online like “THE CLASSICAL 13-CARD INDIAN RUMMY GAME” at, where people have a chance to play this renowned and widely held 13-card Indian rummy game online and also at the same time make good wealth by winning attractive cash prizes. Hence with the help of payment options, earning money online has become trustworthy and simple.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

About Rummy games

Rummy games are notable for game play based on matching of similar playing cards and one of the most popularly played games which are played by many people across the world. The Mexican game of Conquain can be probably described as the ancestral to all the rummy games, which itself is derived from the Chinese game called “Khanhoo”.

These rummy games are played in diversified ways across many different countries and hence the rules and regulations vary across different countries, while the basic idea of the game play based on the matching of similar playing cards remains the same.These rummy games are best when played with two to four players, but up to six people can also take part. Either a fixed number of deals are played or the game is played to a target score and the number of deals or the target score needs to be agreed before the play begins.

Play begins with the player on the dealer's left and proceeds clockwise. Each player draws a card from the stock or the discard pile. The player may then meld or lay off, which are both optional, before discarding. The main objective of the players in the game is to dispose of all the cards in hand. There are three ways to get rid of the cards: melding, laying off and discarding.
Melding is taking a combination of cards from your hand and then placing it face up in front of you on the table, where it stays. There are two kinds of combination which can be melded: sequences (also known as runs) and groups (also known as sets or books). Laying off is adding a card or cards from your hand to a meld already on the table. The cards added to a meld must make another valid meld.

Discarding consists of playing a card from your hand on top of the discard pile. You can get rid of one card this way at the end of each turn. The main skill of the player lies in changing the game from time to time by remembering the cards which were discarded by the opponents or by guessing the cards going to be discarded by their respective opponents and hence these rummy games can be termed as mind games where a lot of thought process needs to be put in to outguess your opponent.

Playing Rummy games on Mobile

Rummy is a deck of card games played with the fundamental idea of matching similar playing cards. These rummy games are played in numerous ways across diversified countries with slight alterations in the rules and regulations while the underlying idea of matching similar playing cards being same.

The craze for these rummy games has always been very immense as all these games can be played by people who are of any age group and also it involves great deal of skillfulness and a good amount of thought process for anybody to play these games in appropriate and proficient manner.

In the present scenario due to the increasing number of internet users growing day-by-day these rummy games have also become very popular online and the craze for online gaming has also been on accelerative mode as such a number of games are now-a-days being available online and rummy is also a part of it.

The ever-rising use of “smart phones” such as Apple iPhone, Android phones etc have given rise to the advent of web-enabled mobile devices and also with the introduction of 3G technology the number of internet user on mobiles increased and also the number of persons playing games online through mobile phones also increased.

It has now become very easy to play a variety of entertaining games on the go and luckily rummy is no exception to it as it is very popular game played online. If you have a flash- capable mobile device connected to the internet, then there are a number of online rummy game providers and you can be playing rummy on your phone in no time.

Many of us have boring parts of our everyday lives involving various activities such as waiting around for a friend or family or colleague and so on like sitting in bus or train for long hours while traveling long distances, so why not use this time for something interesting and entertaining and perhaps even its profitable to earn money if we play these rummy games and also a chance to improve our thought process. Hence playing rummy in mobile or mobile rummy is interesting, entertaining and even profitable.

Playing Online Rummy games

What is it that makes everyone enjoy playing games??...., this is the question that comes to the mind of each and every individual as everyone of us like playing games and playing games is one kind of relaxation that everybody looks forward to. Some people love the mental stimulation that is provided by certain games and others love to play games which are a bit mindless or don’t require much of thought process still they are enjoyable because of the recreation provided by those games.

Generally, people have different opinions towards their interest in playing games as some people enjoy the thought process required to play that particular game while some people don’t enjoy any thought process to be put into the game, but they enjoy playing games which are mindless and pass on time between intervals of the regular days activity and one important aspect to be taken into consideration is that whatever be the type of game anybody is playing weather it requires thought process or not the major aspect that comes into the mind of every individual is that they want to win the game as this feeling of winning any game gives lot of satisfaction.

Therefore, taking into consideration about the general perceptions on why people like playing games we can quote that playing rummy would fulfill the requirements everyone of us who like to play games for various reasons depending on our requirements. Hence rummy can be played by:

The Person Wanting to Pass on Time - This person plays games just to pass the time, either at work or at home when they have nothing better to do

Busy Minds - These are persons who play games as they need to have something that is constantly occupying their minds at all times

The Competitor - This person plays games to compete against other players

Hence, playing rummy could be very interesting who want busy minds and love the thought process that needs to be put into the game and very interesting for the competitor who loves to compete and win with others and finally for the person who wants to relax and pass on time as playing cards not for money but for fun is done by most of them as a thing of relaxation.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Rummy for Beginners

This version of traditional rummy game is advised for beginners because all the other versions of rummy games have been derived from the traditional version. If the beginner starts playing other version of rummy games initially, he will be confused because the other versions differ from each other as rummy games are played across the world in different countries in different ways.
Hence, in the basic version of the rummy game (traditional rummy), a beginner will be able to learn the basic rules and regulations and what a player is allowed and not allowed to do in a rummy game. This version of game will also lay a strong foundation for the starters or beginners in terms of knowing the mind set of their opponents and changing them game according to situation and learn from the first stage how to build a series and what are the tricks and strategies to be known to become a better player.
In this way by playing the traditional or basic rummy, the beginner gets to know about the game and its rules , regulations and strategies in rummy and it will provide a platform for him to become professional and with passing time switch to playing with real money mode.
To start playing in terms of real money mode, the player should start playing other versions of the game. In the other versions of rummy games the rules and regulations differ with the type of rummy game played in different countries. In India the “Indian Runny” is very popular and it’s a 13card rummy game which is played and “” is the first website to launch the “Indian Rummy” game online.

Play Indian Rummy Games Online

Rummy is a traditional English card game card games which are played by many people across the world in numerous ways. Hence these rummy games differ in a slight manner between countries, while the basic idea of “matching similar playing cards” remains the same.
In India this game is very popular and it’s called by the name “Indian Rummy”, which has a little variation from the original rummy. It is played with 13cards and at least two decks and sometimes jokers (wild cards).
Indian Rummy is usually played between 2 to 6 players. Cards in the suit rank from Ace to Jack, Queen and King. Ace can be used as 1 or the face card as per the requirement while making the sets or sequence.
Two sets, one without joker and another with/without joker, of cards 3 or more each, must be made. The remaining cards can be used to make either sets or sequence as per the availability is the first and only place to have a chance to play classic Indian rummy online and win cash. Here, the players can simply login and play unlimited free rummy games; is the best free rummy site as it offers unlimited free rummy games for its players and also gives a chance to earn free cash while playing free rummy games.
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Play Diwali Rummy Tournaments

Diwali tournaments at Ace2Three are more exiting this year. They have started two different types of tournaments called Mega Diwali tournament and Grand Diwali tournament.
The Mega Diwali tournament will happen for 9 days during this Diwali and the Grand Diwali Tournament happens for 3 Days.

Both mega tournaments and grand tournaments will have a restriction on the number of players playing the tournament. The maximum number of players of 500 players per tournament per day. There will be 50 winners in mega diwali tournament and grand diwali tournaments each day. These 50 winners from each tournament will get an opportunity to win huge amount of cash.

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