Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Rummy for Beginners

This version of traditional rummy game is advised for beginners because all the other versions of rummy games have been derived from the traditional version. If the beginner starts playing other version of rummy games initially, he will be confused because the other versions differ from each other as rummy games are played across the world in different countries in different ways.
Hence, in the basic version of the rummy game (traditional rummy), a beginner will be able to learn the basic rules and regulations and what a player is allowed and not allowed to do in a rummy game. This version of game will also lay a strong foundation for the starters or beginners in terms of knowing the mind set of their opponents and changing them game according to situation and learn from the first stage how to build a series and what are the tricks and strategies to be known to become a better player.
In this way by playing the traditional or basic rummy, the beginner gets to know about the game and its rules , regulations and strategies in rummy and it will provide a platform for him to become professional and with passing time switch to playing with real money mode.
To start playing in terms of real money mode, the player should start playing other versions of the game. In the other versions of rummy games the rules and regulations differ with the type of rummy game played in different countries. In India the “Indian Runny” is very popular and it’s a 13card rummy game which is played and “” is the first website to launch the “Indian Rummy” game online.

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